Iberico Breed

BREED; Pure-Blooded Iberian

cerdoThe Iberian pig had been a primordial treasure of the landscape of Extremadura since antiquity. An illustrious breed that surpasses all others for its long, thin extremities, its dark colour and its aristocratic blood line going back the wild boars of Extremadura.
Every Iberian pig that becomes a part of our animal housing will enjoy, from birth, an extraordinary quality of life, reaching maturity in oaks pastures, as is proper for the nobility of its pedigree. Thus, before a Señorio de Olivenza Ham is ready for sale, much time and effort is devoted to a meticulous selection of the very best animals.

The heart of the best pasture in the word

The domains of the Iberian pig cover hectare upon hectare of impenetrable forest. Lost, forgotten, hidden in the deepest oak forest in the world.
In this enclave, our porcine herd grows for at least two years. It does so under the watchful eye of the breeder who each day leads the herd from here to there on foot, covering long distances in the search of the most succulent morsels to eat, thus contributing to the proper development of each animal.

Age of opulence and acorns

In October begins the feast of abundance, the great banquet that will last well into February. The healthy romp through the pasture lands in search of acorns favours the streaking and infiltration of fat into the muscle, lending shape, colour and fluidity to the most delicate and delicious of all delicacies; our Iberian ham.