Know How

Marine Salt as the sole additive

Marine salt is the only additive that blends with our Iberian ham. The finest quality needs no more, the purity of salt and artisan rigor. There are no other secrets to conserving all the splendour of a product that is peerless.

The master ham maker buries each ham, one by one, in pure salt. With the delicateness of a father, covering it completely. Now, he will give it the most painstaking care, after a time of salting he turns it around.

Maturation in natural curing sheds

hamThe meticulous process of a ham culminates with a period of at least three years in natural curing sheds. During that period, the master ham maker exercises daily supervision of each and every one of the legs, rigorously assessing its quality, choosing the best place and position for each one.

In the shade, silently and receiving all possible care, our Iberian ham slowly becomes vintage. Repose enhances their attributes to the utmost and molds their roundness, while they exultantly overflow in a bouquet rich with aromatic nuance in a prelude to their full magnificence.

Patience sets the place

Care and devotion mark each step of the way. Respecting the rhythm of the seasons, the stages of breeding, fattening and curing, the pace of tradition, temperature, sun, and cold, the serenity of the process, the passage of months and years, the culmination of a full cycle.colgados