Red Gold

Red Gold, Jamón Ibérico in its purest state

A prized inheritance of our millenarian civilization, the culture of Jamón Ibérico has remained intact as it was passed on from generation to generation in the most secluded corners of Extremadura [Spain].

History and ancient custom are the cornerstones of the extraordinary quality of our ham, making it a gastronomic treasure that concentrates the very essence of our land.

The Dehesa of Extremadura, appellation of origin

In ham, it is just the same as in works of art: the best are still made by hand, one by one.

Only authentic Señorio de Olivenza can boast of a totally natural origin and meticulous handmade production in the pastures of Extremadura. The entire production process is carried out in the same place, where climate, patience, tradition and the dedication of our artisan masters yield a ham that is unique, exquisite, unmistakable and legendary.