What is Jamón Ibérico?

Jamón ibérico, “Iberian ham”, is a type of cured ham produced in Spain and Portugal. According to Spain’s Denominación de Origen rules on food products, jamón ibérico may be made from black Iberian pigs, or cross-bred pigs so long as they are at least 50% ibérico.

All our ibérico products are certified as truly ibéricos. ESPAUS is the first company  that has its ibérico products certified in Spain and bring them into Australia for you.

There was a grey area where a lot of doggy companies have been selling ibérico products under ibérico designation with no certified guarantee. Now with the new legislation, introduced by the Government of Spain, there will no longer be any doubt, so check what you buy at the big supermarkets.  For more information click on the image.